Thursday, July 26, 2012

Computer Troubles

Hello everybody,
This is just a quick note to let you know that my computer has fatally crashed. There is no bringing this one back to life either. Unfortunately,  I will not be able to access my blog or to write any new posts until I am able to get a new computer. I hope to have one around the 1st or 2nd of the month. Thanks for your patience and I hope to be back online very soon. :)

**I hope your all having a wonderful summer!

Monday, July 16, 2012


That's right! Get $20 worth of free clothes and/or accessories absolutely free. No strings, no commitments, or fine print. You even get FREE SHIPPING and RETURNS! Go to Axl's Closet and choose ANYTHING YOU WANT for $20 or less but remember to include tax. When you are ready to checkout, enter SHARING_IS_CARING in the coupon code area.

**This offer took me about an hour to get because there website is extremely busy.**  If you are getting website errors, don't worry, just keep refreshing the page and trying again. I was really worried I was going to miss out on this opportunity just because I couldn't get the payment to go through without the website giving me an error but then I found out this code doesn't expire until July 23, 2012. Yay! 

So you don't need to worry about the time frame while checking out. However, I did notice a couple of items I wanted were out of stock, which sucked, but since it's free I just chose something else. It was really hard after all the time spent trying to get through all the website errors, to find out my item was out of stock and then to have to do it all over again. Ugh. Nonetheless, once you succeed it will definitely be worth it. So smile and be thankful for companies who offer freebies like this! This kind of freebie is so RARE.  I'm still a little speechless. :)

**If your successful with this freebie, would you be so kind as to leave me a comment and let me know. Thanks so much. Have a great evening!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

My "America's Next Top Wooliteer" Party

I was given an exclusive opportunity to host the "America's Next Top Wooliteer" Party from Crowdtap and Woolite. I was very excited. This party was to celebrate Woolite's Extra Dark Care detergent made specifically for dark clothing and denim. Woolite's Extra Dark Care, will not stretch, fade, or shrink your dark clothing and denim, making them last even longer. I had just found out about this detergent a month or so before I was offered this party and had not tried this specific Woolite product before. I thought it would be great if it actually cleaned your clothing without any harsh chemicals that can hurt the longevity of your clothes, like many other detergents have. It is still the normal gentle Woolite that were all used to but it's made specifically for our dark clothing and jeans. I thought how cool is this. I had to try it now. (More about my results later.)

This is the party kit, which was delivered to my house. The focus of my party was "Don't Torture Your Jeans. Long Live Your Jeans!" from the popular new Woolite ads on YouTube

One ad is directed by Rob Zombie and is excellent. I actually thought it was a trailer for a horror film, when I first watched it. It's awesome, very unique and creative. 

What was inside:  

This is what was inside my party kit. Wow! Lots of goodies.

  • 1 Woolite® Swag Bag packed with:
  • -1 America's Next Top Wooliteer Sampling Party Booklet
  • -3 dry erase boards
  • -Dry erase markers
  • -1 set of Woolite® Great Denim Survey trivia cards
  • -10 Woolite® Extra Dark samples for you and your guests

Here is a picture of all my goodies on display.

I think the hardest part about this party has been choosing the pictures to upload because I had so many. LOL. I also had rearranged this display several times trying to get it just perfect.

Here are some close up pictures:

 Everyone absolutely loved this Woolite denim bag! We played a trivia game with the cards that that Woolite had sent us. We decided that the winner would win this cool bag. The competition was on now. He he. That was a lot of fun.

These are the samples that everyone was given. They included information about Woolite Extra Dark Care, a sample, and a coupon for their next purchase. Yay!.

I had asked my guests to try and bring a pair of their favorite jeans to talk about for the party. Here are a couple who did not mind me taking a picture of them. Not everyone wanted a picture taken. 
My Guests

This lovely lady already uses Woolite on her work clothes and delicate's. However, she did not know there's a Woolite for her darks and jeans that will make them last even longer. She really liked the idea of a gentle detergent for her jeans and dark clothing.

This gentlemen had learned the hard way by ruining one of his wife's outfits when he "tried to do her laundry." Of coarse, he did not use Woolite. I think he learned his lesson. He he.

I was working hard trying to answer the Woolite trivia questions. Some were very hard too!

Making Our Own Slogans

We had fun trying to make our own slogans for Woolite's Extra Dark Care detergent. This activity was a lot of fun too

Here are the results:

The second one is my favorite. I love the picture of all the different jeans hanging on a line. One of them is some box shorts with flowers on them. That had me cracking up a lot. :)


This guest was in such a hurry to get to the party that she left her house in curlers. We all thought it was hilarious and I couldn't resist taking a picture (for proof). He he. She finished getting ready at the party.

Some More Fun Pictures

This guest needed a rest after all the fun and games. 

This party was a lot of fun. We played the Woolite trivia game and learned a lot of new information. We talked about our favorite denim clothing and all the different things we each do, in hopes of preserving them for as long as possible. We even discussed our "horror" moments when a favorite article of clothing was ruined in the wash. Boy did we have a lot of those moments! We all have our favorite denim clothing that we absolutely love. So it was a topic that was easy and fun to talk about. We learned a lot about Woolite's Extra Dark Care detergent and how it won't hurt our favorite clothing and will help them last a lot longer then if we used regular detergent. It has no harsh chemicals that would hurt your clothing or cause them to fade, shrink, tear, etc. in the wash.

There were a couple guests that actually came the next day because they could not make it for the party day. This was fine though because I wasn't doing anything and would be home. I was able to visit with them and tell them about Woolite Extra Dark Care. They also received there samples.

Any excuse to have a party is awesome to me. I love having get togethers' and enjoy the laughter and fun I always have. Thanks so much for this awesome opportunity Crowdtap and Woolite! We had fun and learned a lot about saving our clothes! DON'T TORTURE YOUR JEANS. LONG LIVE YOUR JEANS!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I hope everyone is having a great 4th so far.

 I have discovered some awesome news. I found a blog at USA Love List, that told me how to get a free pair of panties. These are NOT cheap panties either. All you have to do is be one of the first 500 people to follow Knockout Panties on Twitter and then tweet the following message:
Sexy @Knockoutpanties #SmartPanties wick moisture all day long I ♥ them! Thanks for introducing them @JillHomiak @USALoveList fashion editor
That's it!! They are at 482 followers right now. So hurry! What's really cool is that they include free shipping and there are no stipulations (as far as I could tell). You can choose any one of there panties for free and they have a great variety of styles to choose from.

I tweeted this message last night and I got my code today on July 4th. They are very fast. I have already ordered my panties, which were $38. I didn't have to pay ANYTHING! Wow, it doesn't get better then that. $38 is a lot for one pair of panties, so I am very excited about getting to try these panties free. They are Made in America, which I really like. These panties are very unique and different too, which is probably why they are expensive.
*I want to get this message out right away so I am not going to spend time talking about what makes this panty unique. However, you can get information about them at Knock out Panties. I will try to do a review about these panties after I have tried them.

 **Don't forget to follow them or they will not be able to send you there Direct Message Code for your free panties.
*They are already at 482 followers so you need to hurry before they reach 500 followers. So don't delay and Good Luck! 
**If you make it in time to get your free panty, please leave a comment and let me know. I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much!